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Our Homepage shows the front of our medieval house (built in 1490) in the centre of Braunschweig. Our firm was founded in 1919.

We are a wellknown antique bookdealer and auctioneer for old and rare books since 1919. (Specialties: Local History - Military History - Prints - Atlases, Early Science, Natural History, Literature, Childrens Literature, Maps & Prints and Valuable Books of all subjects.)

We regularly publish auction catalouges.

As auctioneers we also specialize in paintings, graphic afls, porcelain, antiques and Russian icons. In the last couple ofyears we have also sold complete collections of books about botanical works, chess, horses & cavalry, sugar and tobacco. For collections we are able to prepare special catalogues. So we are not only interested in purchasing but also consigning material for auction.

From our foreign customers we accept

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